By 90Min
December 18, 2017

Manchester City secured their 16th consecutive league victory with their 4-1 demolition of Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday evening and the inevitable comparison between the Citizens and the 2003/04 Arsenal side gather momentum. 

Yet, despite Pep Guardiola's team showing a formidable run of form and creating all sorts of new records for the Premier League, Robert Pires has no doubt his invincible side were better and had more quality than the current City team.

Speaking to CNN Sport the former French international said: “I think my team had more quality,

“Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry had more quality than Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus. Patrick Vieira is better than Fernandinho. Pires is better than … De Bruyne! And that’s why Arsenal are better than Man City.”


Remarkably, City's 52 points is also the highest any English side has ever accumulated by this point in the season. That same points total would have been enough to finish eighth last season. 

As the Blue Moon juggernaut continues to rumble on there seems little doubt that Manchester City will win the Premier League title season based on their standard of play and their appetite to win.

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The challenge for the City squad will be to maintain their level of performance and desire for the whole season, although with Guardiola's passion and intensity a drop in standards seems unlikely.

Teams can lose focus when they are comfortably disposing of their opponents and become complacent. So while City have the quality to go unbeaten, there will be plenty of opportunities  during the remainder of the season where they will face adversity and this could leave Arsenal’s 'Invincible' record in place for the time being at least. 

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