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December 20, 2017

Manchester City have brilliantly ripped apart Manchester United's Marouane Fellaini on Twitter after posting a photo of Leroy Sane on Tuesday afternoon.

The two sides have seen their local rivalry increase phenomenally over the last few years due to City's incredible rise to financial power, and it may seem that while the blue side of Manchester is starting to dominate on the football side of things, they're also coming out on top when it comes to to social media as well.

Tuesday afternoon saw Man City's French account post a foggy photo of Belgian wonderkid Leroy Sane from behind, captioned: "If you find who is hidden by the fog, you are unplayable..."

Of course, there were instant replies to the tweet; some serious, some not so serious. And in this case, the not so serious response of "Fellaini" received a hilarious reply from the verified City account. See for yourselves:

Image by Ben Davies
Image by Ben Davies

 "No it's a football player." Brutal. Harsh, without a doubt - but hilarious nonetheless.

It seems now that the original tweet has been deleted by City, probably to try and save Fellaini a bit of pride. Not that he'd care.

In fact, Fellaini knows that he has the backing of one of the best managers on the planet - regardless of what his uncertain future holds. Back in September, Mourinho played tribute to the former Everton midfielder, claiming his side feels weaker without Fellaini in the team:

"He's an important player for me - a lot more important than you can imagine." Mourinho said, according to Goal.

"I feel weaker without Fellaini in my squad, doesn't matter if it's on the pitch or on the bench. If his conditions are improved, he will be selected, I need him."

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