By 90Min
December 25, 2017

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera has hit back at comments from Red Devils legend and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville, after the Englishman criticized the Spaniard after their draw at Leicester.

United drew 2-2 against Leicester City on Saturday night, throwing away a 2-1 victory after Harry Maguire equalized in the dying moments of the game. Speaking on his Sky Sports podcast, Neville criticized Herrera for not helping out his injured teammate Chris Smalling.


"Smalling has got to flag up as an experienced defender that he’s struggling, get someone else into the centre. It didn’t happen for two or three minutes. Then Phil Jones recognised it had happened and tried to reorganise – as I saw it, Ander Herrera refused to go to right-back and told Henrik Mkhitaryan to go back there.

"All of a sudden Smalling sits down on the floor and then goes off the pitch and then comes back on at centre-back. He ends up picking up Harry Maguire. You can’t believe the disorganisation and lack of leadership shown by Manchester United at the end of that game in a game they should have won. Jose will be furious when he watches that back."

Herrera hit back at the comments on Christmas Eve as he wished his fans a merry Christmas.

This argument is somewhat needless. Certainly from Neville's comments it seems that Herrera is in the wrong, however the Englishman might not know the full story and therefore should probably have been a bit more easy on the Spaniard.

United face Burnley on Boxing Day, and a win could potentially a six point gap between themselves and Chelsea.

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