Jose Mourinho Fires Shots at 'Hypocrite' Jurgen Klopp After £75m Virgil van Dijk Transfer Confirmed

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has taken aim at Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp following the announcement of Virgil van Dijk's imminent move from Southampton to Liverpool.

The German has previously discussed his horror at huge transfer fees before the club confirmed their move for their new defender, and his words have been coming back to haunt him.

And now, the latest person to have a dig at Klopp regarding the excessive price for the Dutchman is none other than United boss Mourinho, reminding the world of what the Liverpool manager said when the Red Devils signed Paul Pogba for a then world record fee.

"I think the one to speak about it in a specific way has to be Jurgen. If I was one of you I would ask him about his comments about one year ago (when Pogba signed)." Mourinho said ahead of his side's match against Van Dijk's Southampton (via ITV).


"Not speaking specifically about (the Van Dijk) case because in Liverpool they do what they want, and I am nobody to comment about what they do, (but) the reality is if they think the player is the right player for them, and they really want the player, they pay this amount or they don't have the player. That's the way the market is.

"When we compare now the amount of money that certain managers and we try to compare that...not even with 10 years ago, (with) three years ago, it's to compare the impossible.

"Now you are going to say Virgil van Dijk is the most expensive defender in the history of football. Was he better than (Paolo) Maldini, (Giuseppe) Bergomi or (Rio) Ferdinand? You cannot say that.

"It's just the way the market is. You pay or you don't pay. If you pay, you pay a crazy amount of money but if you don't, you don't have the player. It's as simple as that."