Jack Wilshere has revealed that one of the main reasons behind his improved stamina is that he has cut out dairy and gluten from his diet.

The 26-year-old says he hasn't eaten any products of the kind for the last six weeks and clearly it has had some sort of effect, as he has started and finished all of the club's last six matches in the Premier League.


Wilshere's injury record over the past few seasons has been well documented, but he is currently experiencing cosistency for the first time, and the number 10 attributes that in-part down to his dietary change.

He said, as quoted by the Guardian: "I’ve actually been dairy and gluten-free now for six weeks. My kids since birth have been dairy and gluten-free. The few times I’ve had dairy in the hotel I’ve had an upset stomach.

"But I just cut it out completely and I think I look better. I’ve certainly lost a little bit of weight. I’m leaner and probably a little bit fitter as well. I feel I can last longer. At the end [of the draw against Chelsea] when we scored the second goal I thought: 'come on, we can go again'. I felt good."

Wilshere, who is still yet to make any progress in signing a new deal at the Emirates, has gradually been improving in the Arsenal midfield, seizing his chance made possible by the injury to Aaron Ramsey, and fans are already clamouring to see him called up to the next England squad by Gareth Southgate.

Should Wilshere continue his form and manage to stay injury-free which is the biggest question mark, then he will likely to be in Southgate's considerations for the World Cup squad this summer.