St. Mirren defender Stelios Demetriou had a bounty on his head during his match against rivals Greenock Morton. During the Scottish Championship game, the Cypriot right-back picked up the ball to take a throw-in, before feeling something hit the back of his head. 

It was a Bounty chocolate bar. A Morton fan near the touchline where Demetriou was taking the throw had achieved a direct hit with the back of the St. Mirren defender's head. No doubt it was a leftover from a Christmas selection box, because let's face it, who likes Bounty bars? 

 Right-back Stelios Demetriou had a Bounty bar launched at him from an opposing fan

Apparently Demetriou does. Instead of angrily reacting to being struck by the projectile, or simply chucking the chocolate bar to the side, Demetriou proceeded to unwrap the coconut confectionery and take a bite. 

St. Mirren were denied at 1-0 win over their rivals in that game thanks to a late Morton equaliser from Thomas O'Ware. Despite the draw, St. Mirren still sit at the top of the Scottish Championship, three points ahead of second place Dundee United. 

 He then decided it was best to open the wrapper and take a bite

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Demetriou now joins a prestigious club of players who have eaten food either on the pitch or on the touchline. Sutton United's reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw famously ate a pie during their FA Cup match with Arsenal. David Moyes also once ate crisps with the fans after he was sent off during his managerial days at Real Sociedad. 

Perhaps most memorable of all was Barcelona defender Dani Alves' brilliant response to a racist fan who threw a banana at him. Like Demetriou, Alves did not react and instead just calmly picked up the banana and ate it.