WATCH: Balotelli Enlists Neymar, Falcao, Other Stars to Burn Brother After FIFA Loss

Mario Balotelli goes to great lengths to let everyone know how much of a sore loser his brother is when it comes to FIFA.
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In the past we have all found great enjoyment and a certain sense of gratification in humiliating our friends and family while playing FIFA. 

Whether it be receiving a sincere and public apology for a 5-0 drubbing, simply basking in the glory of dismantling your opponent, or on the flip side, one that still haunts me today, having to slit your eyebrow for conceding a headed goal courtesy of Aaron Lennon, the popular video game often offers many quirky fallouts. 

However, Nice striker Mario Balotelli may well have come up with the pinnacle of humiliation after claiming victory over his brother, Enock Barwuah.

But there seems to be some denial in the Italy international's household, with his sibling seemingly unwilling to admit that in fact the 27-year-old had taken the win during their online contest. 

Of course, we all know a sore loser who refuses to admit when they are beaten, and what better way to highlight such traits than to broadcast it to the world?

Well, with some help from friends such as Neymar, Radamel Falcao, Kevin-Prince Boateng and former AC Milan vice-chairman Adriano Galliani, Balotelli released a hilarious video branding his brother a liar. 

"I beat my brother yesterday, online, and he cannot admit it", the former Liverpool attacker said on his official Instagram page

"So, I made people I know, friends of mine, support me and make a video saying: 'Enock liar!'"

"Hey Enock, you're a liar, you're a liar", said Falcao. 

"Enock, you lost, that's it. You're a liar, okay?", former Brazil international Dante stated. 

"Enock, I am not with you. I am with Mario", added Neymar.

"Enock, you're a liar. I am with Mario," Galliani continued. 

However, arguably the best contribution to the compilation was that of Boateng's, who did not just side with Balotelli in the argument, but also claimed he holds the upper hand on the orchestrator when it comes to FIFA. 

"You're a big liar, you're very bad at FIFA", the 30-year-old said. "I'm with Mario. Even if Mario also loses against me, he is still better than you."