As if losing Alexis Sanchez wasn't painful enough, his beloved dogs Atom and Humber are also on their way to Manchester. 

By Stanley Kay
January 22, 2018

Arsenal fans are reacting to news of Alexis Sanchez's move to Manchester United roughly how you'd expect: a mix of the disappointment, grief, anger and most of all resignation that has characterized Arsene Wenger's club in recent years.  

The departure of Arsenal's most dynamic player hurts, especially because he landed at Old Trafford, further enriching a Manchester United side already miles ahead of Arsenal. Even though Alexis's exit has felt inevitable since last summer, Monday's official announcement—the image of Alexis Sanchez in a Manchester United kit, Chevy logo sprayed across the front of his shirt—was painful. But nothing hurt more than this:


That's from the official Instagram account of Atom and Humber, Alexis's beloved dogs. Based on their social media presence, these dogs largely spend their time starring in commercials, hanging out on private jets and frolicking in idyllic fields with their owner. These are the same dogs that have been honored with multiple banners at Emirates Stadium. They were beloved. 

So when Atom and Humber posted a photo rocking some not-at-all-photoshopped Manchester United scarves, Arsenal fans were understandably heartbroken. I decided to wade into the comments—always a sensible idea—to see how Arsenal fans are reacting to the news. Many responses were simply a combination of various expletives. But some of them were deeper, messages of anguish from inconsolable lovers of Alexis Sanchez and his two golden retrievers. Seeing Atom and Humber wearing Manchester United scarves is simply too much to bear. 

"This hurts more than seeing him in a united shirt"

"How about you learn something about loyalty from them?"

"Ok now this is too much"

"Atom and humber, i know that you did not cause this harm, and i will not hold you to blame for this tragedy. You will forever be in my heart, and i will not unfollow you unless you post a photo with jesse lingard. Then i will block you. So long Atom and Humber, you will be missed at the emirates.GBNF"

"This is dog abuse"

"You can tell they hate it already"

"F--- u but I love love your dogs"

"More gutted about the dogs than Alexis to be honest"

"I'm an animal lover, but f--- these dogs"

"Gonna miss the dogs more than this f---"

"This atom and humber treason is the worst thing to ever happen in the world."

I'm sure the next episode of Arsenal Fan TV will be offer the levelheaded, sober commentary we've all come to enjoy. 

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