Club America's Darwin Quintero claimed it wasn't intentional. Not. Buying. It. 

By Daniel Rapaport
January 24, 2018

Club America's Darwin Quintero will be sanctioned internally by the club after he nearly drilled an ESPN reporter with a shot during a training session. 

The video is pretty damning—you can see Quintero aim right at the reporter, then lean to the side as the ball gets close to hitting the poor, unsuspecting guy, and he turns away in disgust after the ball does not make contact.

Check out the close up of the reporter's little shake after he realizes a ball just whizzed past his head. Laugh-out-loud stuff.

Quintero has apparently denied that this was intentional, which is absurd! He was caught red-handed, plain and simple. 

Kudos to the reporter who continued doing his spot. This is the kind of stuff you sign up for as a reporter, I guess. 

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