By 90Min
January 27, 2018

As an avid and outspoken Arsenal fan, journalist and TV presenter Piers Morgan always has something to say about his beloved Gunners.

Whether it's moaning about Arsene Wenger or investment, the Good Morning host isn't shy of offering his opinions to anyone who will listen - including USA President Donald Trump.

Morgan conducted an interview with the much-maligned head of the US this week for ITV News and, as part of the latter's agreement to talk to Morgan, was presented with an Arsenal shirt by the reporter after the meeting.

Taking to Twitter afterwards, Morgan tried to make a joke about the exchange to his followers, but his supposedly humorous anecdote didn't go down well with most people - including one aggrieved current Arsenal star:

Yep, Hector Bellerin's abrasive answer was enough to throw so much shade Morgan's way, and the full-back was rightly praised for his savage reply by plenty of supporters:

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Bellerin's response is likely to be down to Trump's desire to build a wall that separates the USA from Mexico where Spanish is the main language - the same words and phrases used in Bellerin's home nation.

Still, it's hilarious to see the right wing-back smack Morgan down into his rightful place!

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