It doesn't get much better than winning the Champions League for football clubs in Europe - unless of course, they cop the treble/quadruple.

Watching their team lift the Champions League trophy should be every fan's dream and for English supporters, the Premier League title is only one level down.


Chelsea fans, however, have different priorities nowadays. But they really can't be blamed for the way they feel about the club's affairs, given the way the board has been letting them down as of late.

Last summer presented one of the most frustrating transfer windows any Chelsea fan has ever had to go through. Despite seeing Spanish ace Alvaro Morata, a club record signing, come in, there was plenty to be upset about due to the majority of the Blues' targets failing to show up.

Things were so bad, Ross Barkley reportedly turned the club down midway through a medical. Chelsea eventually signed the midfielder from Everton for £20m less than they would have in the summer. While that could be considered a small victory, Barkley is the only one to come in so far.

One would think that the Blues would try harder after their summer failings, but the January window has brought even more frustration.

This month, the Londoners have been linked with the weirdest of targets. The likes of Andy Carroll, Peter Crouch, Ashley Barnes and Salomon Rondon are all being rumoured. But fans were able to tick Carroll's name off after the English striker suffered an ankle injury.

They've also shown interest in AS Roma's Edin Dzeko, and with a deal believed to be on the table, fans certainly aren't averse. Most of the other striking targets, though, have gotten their blood boiling at the mere mention.

Those circumstances should be enough to give fans a bad enough headache. Yet this is Chelsea we're talking about; things are never this simple.

Apart from the target-man conundrum, there's also Eden Hazard possibly leaving, as well as Antonio Conte - the most frustrated person associated with the club - being tipped to walk away in the summer as well. 

Enough stressful data to run a poll off of, right?


Well, that's exactly what the folks at 90min decided to do. A poll asked fans to choose what they'd prefer between winning the Champions League but losing Hazard and N'Golo Kante, getting hit with a transfer ban that keeps unwanted targets out in the summer and winning the Premier League title but also having Conte become Arsene Wenger's replacement at Arsenal.

If you're a Chelsea fan, this probably won't shock you, but it might leave other readers a tad surprised.

Over 17,000 fans participated in said poll, and the majority of the voters (49%) actually opted for the transfer ban - which could be a thing by the way, with the Blues being investigated by FIFA over the signing of foreign players under the age of 18.


The real shocker, though: 28% of voters chose the third option i.e. to win the Premier League and see Conte named Arsenal boss. Really??

Losing Hazard and Kante, however, was the least preferred option despite being crowned UCL champs, as 23% of Blues fans chose the option that meant they'd leave.