AC Milan's talented goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma has had a difficult time at the San Siro club since last summer mainly due to comments made by his agent, Mino Raiola regarding his client's future. 

Unfortunately, for Rossoneri supporters the relationship between Milan's Sporting Director Massimiliano Mirabelli and Raiola has failed to 'thaw' during these winter months reports (via Football Italia).  

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The super agent has had a somewhat difficult relationship with the club who he classifies as 'bullies'. Mirabelli responded to that accusation stating that Raiola had become a 'small man' one of insignificance to the Italian giants. 


Raiola confirmed that there is little to say about the current situation and latest contractual developments: “Not about Donnarumma, nor about Mirabelli, nor about his future. I’m a small man, that’s what Mirabelli has said.

“There’s nothing to say, he only talks with big men. Maybe one day I’ll become a big man and he’ll talk with me. One day maybe I’ll get my diploma and I can talk with Mirabelli, but right now I’m not at his level.”

It is certainly a worrying situation for the club's supporters as if things cannot be resolved and some common ground reached then one of Italian football's brightest young talents will be reluctantly looking to ply his trade elsewhere, where his talents will be appreciated and handsomely rewarded.