The Key Dates, Changes to Premier League's New Summer Transfer Window

The summer transfer window in England will close prior to the start of the Premier League season, meaning a big change in how clubs conduct their business.
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Transfer deadline day has, for some time now, been up there with the pinnacles of entertainment in the footballing world.

Ever since Jim White started getting over excited about Peter Odemwingie's whereabouts while donning a quite fetching gold tie, football fans from across the country, and indeed the globe, have stalked their social media channels and sat glued to a variation of screens as the minutes count down to the inevitable window 'slamming' shut. 

So, considering it has been over 24 hours since the end of the winter free-for-all, it is time to look ahead at the next opportunity Riyad Mahrez will get to base himself inside an airport. 

Here's everything you need to know about the all-new 2018 summer transfer window...

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When does it open in England? 

Despite their being a considerable amount of confusion surrounding this, according to Sky Sports, FIFA have confirmed that clubs will be able to strengthen their squads from Friday, June 9 - the same date as 2017. 

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When does it close? 

Well, here is where we walk upon new ground. The usual frenzied cut off point for clubs to complete their business is August 31, however not this time around. 

Following a vote involving the 20 top-flight sides, in which 14 approved of the change, the Premier League's transfer window will close ahead of the first competitive fixture, meaning no more Virgil van Dijks or Philippe Coutinhos not turning out as they try to wangle a move away. 

The new deadline is set for Thursday, August 9, with a stop time of 5 p.m., meaning if you have employees who like their football, don't expect much productivity in their final hours of the day. 

In conclusion, those involved in next season's Premier League will have just under three weeks less to complete their business compared to times gone by, meaning deadline day is about to get a whole lost crazier considering the World Cup and player's holidays have to also be factored into that timeframe. 

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But what about other leagues? 

Well, as things stand, only the Premier League have invoked the new date, meaning the Championship and below, as well every other team in Europe, will be able to lure players away from the English top-flight up until the recognized deadline day of August 31. 

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So, what does this all mean? 

Basically, what this means is expect the 2018 summer deadline day to be like Black Friday.