Bayern Munich defender Mats Hummels responded in brilliant fashion to a Twitter troll who called him out for having never seen the legendary Franco Baresi play.

The 29-year-old was asked by a user on the social platform for his top pick out of Italian trio Baresi, Fabio Cannavaro or Paolo Maldini, to which German international Hummels admitted that it was difficult because he'd never watched the former in action.

He said: "Haven't seen Baresi play so I cannot judge. I love Maldini so I pick him but Cannavaro '06 was a beast man."

It seemed like fair reasoning on the face of it but not for another user by the name of @lebronzanetti, who insisted - through some colourful language - that he should surely know how Baresi played through YouTube highlights.

Hummels sensed the opportunity to make him look silly, and retorted: "Small hint from me: don't judge players by their YouTube videos, especially not defenders."

The former Borussia Dortmund star is essentially right - YouTube is known to act as a 'shop window', highlighting players in their best moments and filtering out everything else.


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He is also arguably correct in that watching highlights of defenders on YouTube is not wise because often uploaders include the over-use of goalscoring, which is not the best measurement of a great defender.