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February 05, 2018

It has been revealed that Arsenal's record signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was accused of attempting to hit a woman with his gold Lamborghini in March 2014, while he was playing for Borussia Dortmund.

The Gabon international is known for behavioural problems, having caused all sorts of trouble at his former Bundesliga side, but according to Martina Wechsung, he went as far as trying to kill her with his car outside Dortmund's training ground.

The two had come into contact through Facebook, and Aubameyang had asked Weschung to do some PR work for him. But when the two were supposed to meet, he supposedly tried to introduce himself via the grill of his Lamborghini.

“The road from the training ground leading to the street outside is quite narrow, difficult for two cars from both sides to drive through," Weschung told the Sun.


''I was on the street, waiting where he told me to meet him. As soon as he saw me he sunk his head lower, gave his car the full throttle. I heard the revving of the car, saw it coming towards me in a blur of metal.

"It was terrifying - it felt like a guided missile bearing down upon me. He accelerated from 0 to about 60mph in just a few seconds in his Lamborghini."

Catherine Ivill/GettyImages

She claims that Aubameyang's father (and agent) had caught wind of their arrangement, and was not happy to have his toes stepped on; which supposedly caused the striker to want to commit murder.

''Only my quick reflexes saved me from being hit by the car." She continued. "I would have hit the windscreen and flown over the car.

“I could have been killed or very badly injured if I had not jumped. I was shocked. It was all really strange because he later explained he thought I only existed on the internet and was not a real person.”

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