By 90Min
February 06, 2018

As most football fans know, Joey Barton is never short of something poignant to say. 

Whether it’s poignant because it’s controversial or poignant because it’s just plain ludicrous differs from time to time, but this time the Huyton-born midfielder has made a very bold claim about Liverpool’s fans.

Ian MacNicol/GettyImages

In an interview with talkSPORT, Barton said that apart from the huge rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ before the match, Liverpool fans generally don’t make that much noise unless their team scores.

You can listen to his comments in the clip below…

As you can probably guess, these comments have certainly divided opinions. But whilst Liverpool fans are obviously going to refute what he said, other football fans seem to think that Barton is actually making a valid point, as a quick glance at twitter shows:

However, Barton isn’t just picking on Liverpool here.

He goes on to say that Old Trafford is ‘full of tourists’ despite also conceding that United’s away support is probably the best in the country.

He also said that the Etihad lacks atmosphere and that the Emirates “is like a library at times” and that West Ham have struggled since leaving Upton Park.

Mark Thompson/GettyImages

When asked which Premier League clubs do have good atmospheres, Barton mentioned that the smaller stadiums are the better ones, with a particular mention to Crystal Palace, who are notorious for having some of the loudest fans in the country.

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