By 90Min
February 10, 2018

Football fans love it when a new boot line is released by the biggest sportswear giants in the world, but not a lot of chat ever centers on goalkeeping gloves.

Whether that's down to supporters not wishing to ever play in goal themselves or the lack of new technology going into gloves is unclear, but Nike may have just changed the landscape with their new state-of-the-art Mercurial Touch gloves.

Just take a look at these bad boys. Hands up - pun intended - who wants a pair right now?

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Gone is the need to strap the gloves up after keepers put them on. Instead, those Velcro straps are replaced by a reverse stitched gusset wrap that allows for better comfort and easier use when putting on, or taking off, the gloves.

The gloves are also made of a perforated foam mesh that aids comfort and feel, while the exterior area around the palms helps to maintain grip of the ball in both dry and wet conditions.

Stoke's Jack Butland and Roma's Alisson have already tested out the new garb ahead of this summer's World Cup in Russia. Who wants a bet on every keeper sporting a pair during that tournament?

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