Mental health has become a hot topic of conversation in football in recent years, but there's still a huge stigma surrounding the issue.

Some football fans continue to mock players, staff and other personnel over their troubles, and do little to help make progress in this area on and off the field.

One player who has opened up about the issue is Paris Saint-Germain star Angel Di Maria, who recently told TYC Sport (h/t Marca) about having to talk to a therapist over his mental health after being the victim of online bullying.


Di Maria and his fellow Argentinian teammates have become the butt of some jokes on the internet due to their poor performances, with the forward and his fellow players the subject of memes as a result.

It clearly affected Di Maria more than it should, and he explained how seeking professional help from a psychologist helped to get him back in the right frame of mind.

He said: "The memes to the players of the national team hurt us a lot, and it makes you think a lot, if you think about leaving it, it's because of that, because you see the family suffer, because they give you support but also suffer for you."

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"The psychologist helped me a lot, to talk, to unburden. Thanks to that I learned that it is easy to laugh behind a computer or cell phone, but only do that. My head is fine now."

Some people may find it odd that a footballer could seek help over memes, which are usually used in humorous ways. Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way, and people can suffer from any form of bullying no matter what others think.

Thankfully, Di Maria has gotten over his issues and we hope that the subject of mental health can continue to be talked about to end the stigma surrounding it.