An appeals judge in a Milan court has written that disgraced former football Robinho, along with friend Ricardo Falco, showed 'absolute disregard' for their victim in a group sexual assault in 2013, for which the pair were each sentenced to nine years in prison in 2017.

Although thought to be acting in a larger group, Robinho and Falco were the only two individuals identified. Further charges against the others are suspended as they are 'untraceable'.


Published by Il Giorno, the judge noted how the pair showed "absolute disregard" to their victim, a 22-year-old Albanian woman, whom they "exposed to repeated humiliations, as well as to heavy sexual acts of violence".

Their conversation towards her was described as, "with epithets (...) and terms often raw and contemptuous, unequivocal signs of unscrupulousness and almost awareness of a future impunity."


The Milan court has also decided against granting extenuating circumstances to Robinho and Falco, as their behaviour throughout proceedings has been "characterised by multiple and continuous attempts to hinder the verification of the truth, through research of an agreement on the version of events to be give to the investigators".

Robinho, who was contracted to AC Milan between 2010 and 2015 and was part of the last Rossoneri side to win Serie A in 2011, was in Brazil at the time of his guilty verdict. Brazilian law dictates that Brazilian citizens cannot be extradited by a foreign country.

Robinho has since left Brazil and signed with Sivasspor in Turkey last month.