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Hector Bellerin has revealed his desire to wear the vacant number two jersey for Arsenal from next season onwards.

The Spain international was speaking during a 'defenders debate' with teammates Per Mertesacker and Rob Holding for the club's official YouTube channel, and expressed his wish to wear that number in the very near future.

Former Gunners defender Mathieu Debuchy had worn the jersey before his January departure, and Bellerin is hopeful that he will be able to swap his current number 24 shirt for that one instead.

He quipped: “The two was occupied at the beginning of the season. I’m gonna ask for it. I’ve already spoken to [kit man] Vic Akers, he knows.”

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The number two jersey had become synonymous with footballers who played as the right full back in teams up and down the country, but in recent times it has been used by both centre-halves and defensive midfielders as well.

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With more and more players opting for different shirt numbers for a variety of reasons - the most notable being for superstitious reasons or because they're a favourite number - the usual one to 11 jerseys have seemingly fallen out of favour for a side's best starting lineup.

Arsenal are among that contingent with the numbers one through to five set to be available from next season onwards.

Only one of those shirts - the number four - has been used this term due to Mertesacker, but with the veteran centre back due to retire at the season's end then it too shall be available.

If Bellerin did take the number two jersey, he would follow esteemed alumni such as legends Lee Dixon and Pat Rice in boasting that number on the back of his shirt.