While his on pitch exploits have propelled him into the Ballon d'Or conversation this year and helped Liverpool reach the Champions League final, Mohamed Salah is showing that he is more than just a footballer to some people.

News has come to light that Salah has spent $450,000 to buy land in his native village back in Egypt and build a sewage treatment plant. This plant can be used to supply water to a region that desperately lacks it.

A report from MiddleEastEye included an interview with a teacher from the from the village, who couldn't express just how much it meant and how crucial the donation was. 

"I can't tell you how much he means to us, honestly. What he's done for us and for Egypt, I just can't explain it at all. I'm just tearing up speaking about him right now. He still comes back to his village and visits us all the time. He's not a stranger to us and he never will be."


This isn't the first time Salah has donated to the village either, with previous contributions earning him the nickname "Happiness Maker", but the Liverpool winger never lets it get to his head.

"I saw him walking once" the teacher recalled, "I yelled him over and I said, what are you doing walking without security? Do you know who you are now? You can't do that? And he just says to me, 'I'm not going to walk around in my home village with security, this is home."

Modern day footballers are often criticised for being out of touch with reality and caring too much about money, but Mohamed Salah bucks that trend. Egyptian King, Happiness Maker, whatever you'd like to call him, Salah is one of football's good guys.