Brazilian footballing legend Ronaldinho has (somewhat disappointingly) denied allegations that he is set to marry his two girlfriends - Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza - together at once. Reports surfaced earlier in the week that he would they would all tie the knot together, but the 38-year-old has claimed it is 'the biggest lie'.

Throughout his footballing career, Ronaldinho was known to stand out. With unparalleled skills on the ball, the playmaker stuck out like a sore thumb in almost every game he played in, and was used to making headlines.


However, the former Barcelona man has now had to do his best to distance himself from the outrageous, after reports emerged earlier in the week that he would wed his two girlfriends at the same time. He of course, completely denied the reports when speaking to SporTV (via the Sun).

"The whole world is calling me," Ronaldinho began. "I'm not going to get married, it is the biggest lie."

It's a shame, because if there was every a man to be able to pull that kind of stunt off and still be completely adored worldwide, it would be Ronaldinho.


Economically, it would be a great move. Two birds with one stone; instead of splashing out on two weddings, he could just do it all in one. That's essentially half the cost.

Not that Ronaldinho is strapped for cash. His girlfriends are said to receive a £1500 allowance (presumably weekly), and he's constantly getting them both gifts - which, of course, are exactly the same for each girl. What a charmer.