The Premier League have officially unveiled the ball that will be used for the 2018/19 season, made up of only four panels, with use of All Conditions Control Technology, and added grooves to increase aerodynamics. Meet Merlin.

In past days, footballs were made up of an enormous 32 panels. For the first time ever, this season's top flight ball will use only four. Less panels means less stitching. Less stitching means less hard spots and more sweet spots - which must surely also mean more goals?

According to the league's official website, Nike has broken down another boundary in the inclussion of All Conditions Control (ACC) technology, which, theoretically, should mean better first touches on the ball in all weather conditions - skidded passes along wet grass should cause problems no more.

Debossed grooves and 3D ink in the ball itself should also mean that the ball gets better flight than ever before, and the colours of white, black, blue, purple and yellow is said to give players a better chance at being able to determine spin, drop and speed of the Merlin.

Alongside all of that, it's absolutely stunning, and coming to a Premier League pitch near you in August.