Have you ever wondered what it was like to train with a professional footballer? 

Well one lucky young Gunners fan can wonder no longer, after he took part in a one on one training session with Arsenal right back Hector Bellerin as part of WaterAid's Priceless Prize Draw competition.

The youngster in question, 10-year-old Aariyan Ludhor from Witham in Essex, won the session after his mother, Banita Ludhor, entered him into the International Development Charity's raffle. 

Just before commencing the training session, Aariyan also got to ask the 23-year-old a few questions, such as what the Spaniard's dream job would be if he wasn't a footballer. 


Bellerin replied: "I think I would do something related to sport, or to fashion... have you seen me wear all these weird clothes that I always wear?

"Because my mum and my grandma always made clothes, you know, at home and stuff like this. So I learnt how to make clothes as well." 

Following the chat, the Arsenal fanatic - sporting a shirt emblazoned with the full back's name - got started with the drills, which were mainly curated around Bellerin's top attributes: speed and agility. 

The Priceless Prize Draw offers various once-in-a-lifetime gifts from a number of celebrity WaterAid representatives, including a signed guitar from Grammy nominee James Bay and a swimming session with Paralympic gold medallist Ellie Simmonds.

It is all in support of the Charity's winter fundraising campaign, Untapped.