How to watch the 2018 World Cup online.

By Nihal Kolur
June 14, 2018

The 2018 World Cup is finally here. 

Brazil, Germany and Spain are among the favorites to win the tournament, which qualifies as the most popular sporting event in the world, in Russia. More than one billion people watched the final game of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. 

The 2018 competition will take place across Russia and many of the matches will be easy to watch.

The competition begins on June 14 and spans a full month, ending on July 15.

Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 in the opening match of the tournament, putting the hosts in clear contention to reach the knockout stage. 

Here's how to watch all the matches.

TV Channel: Fox or FS1 for English; Telemundo for Spanish

Live Stream: Watch live on fuboTV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial.

SI TV is also now available on fuboTV. Watch Planet Futbol TV, SI’s soccer show starring Grant Wahl and Luis Miguel Echegaray weekly on Fubo TV or anytime, anywhere here.

Full Match Schedule

June 14 (Group Stage):
Russia 5, Saudi Arabia 0

June 15 (Group Stage):
Uruguay 1, Egypt 0

Iran 1, Morocco 0
Portugal vs. Spain 2 p.m. ET

June 16 (Group Stage):

France vs. Australia 6 a.m. ET
Argentina vs. Iceland 9 a.m. ET
Peru vs. Denmark Noon ET
Croatia vs. Nigeria 3 p.m. ET

June 17 (Group Stage):
Costa Rica vs. Serbia 8 a.m. ET
Germany vs. Mexico 11 a.m. ET
Brazil vs. Switzerland 2 p.m. ET

June 18 (Group Stage):
Sweden vs. South Korea 8 a.m. ET
Belgium vs. Panama 11 a.m. ET
Tunisia vs. England 2 p.m. ET

June 19 (Group Stage):
Colombia vs. Japan 8 a.m. ET
Poland vs. Senegal 11 a.m. ET
Russia vs. Egypt 2 p.m. ET

June 20 (Group Stage):
Portugal vs. Morrocco 8 a.m. ET
Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia 11 a.m. ET
Iran vs. Spain 2 p.m. ET

June 21 (Group Stage):
Denmark vs. Australia 8 a.m. ET
France vs. Peru 11 a.m. ET
Argentina vs. Croatia 2 p.m. ET

June 22 (Group Stage):
Brazil vs. Costa Rica 8 a.m. ET
Nigeria vs. Iceland 11 a.m. ET
Serbia vs. Switzerland 2 p.m. ET

June 23 (Group Stage):
Belgium vs. Tunisia 8 a.m. ET
South Korea vs. Mexico 11 a.m. ET
Germany vs. Sweden 2 p.m. ET

June 24 (Group Stage):
England vs. Panama 8 a.m. ET
Japan vs. Senegal 11 a.m. ET
Poland vs. Colombia 2 p.m. ET

June 25 (Group Stage):

Russia vs. Uruguay 10 a.m. ET
Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt 10 a.m. ET
Portugal vs. Iran 2 p.m. ET
Spain vs. Morocco 2 p.m. ET

June 26 (Group Stage):
Denmark vs. France 10 a.m. ET
Australia vs. Peru 10 a.m. ET
Argentina vs. Nigeria 2 p.m. ET
Iceland vs. Croatia 2 p.m. ET

June 27 (Group Stage):
Germany vs. South Korea 10 a.m. ET
Mexico vs. Sweden 10 a.m. ET
Serbia vs. Brazil 2 p.m. ET
Switzerland vs. Costa Rica 2 p.m. ET

June 28 (Group Stage):
Japan vs. Poland 10 a.m. ET
Senegal vs. Colombia 10 a.m. ET
England vs. Belgium 2 p.m. ET
Panama vs. Tunisia 2 p.m. ET

June 30 (Round of 16):
1A vs. 2B (Match 49) 10 a.m. ET
1C vs. 2D (Match 50) 2 p.m. ET

July 1 (Round of 16):
1B vs. 2A (Match 51) 10 a.m. ET
1D vs. 2C (Match 52) 2 p.m. ET

July 2 (Round of 16):
1E vs. 2F (Match 53) 10 a.m. ET
1G vs. 2H (Match 54) 2 p.m. ET

July 3 (Round of 16):
1F vs. 2E (Match 55) 10 a.m. ET
1H vs. 2G (Match 56) 2 p.m. ET

July 6 (Quarterfinals):
Winner of Match 49 vs. Winner of Match 50 (Match 57) 10 a.m. ET
Winner of Match 53 vs. Winner of Match 54 (Match 58) 2 p.m. ET

July 7 (Quarterfinals):
Winner of Match​ 51 vs. Winner of Match​ 52 (Match​ 59) 10 a.m. ET
Winner of 
Match​ 55 vs. Winner of Match​ 56 (Match​ 60) 2 p.m. ET

July 10 (Semifinal):
Winner of 
Match​ 57 vs. Winner of Match​ 58 (Match​ 61) 2 p.m. ET

July 11 (Semifinal):
Winner of Match 59 vs. Winner of Match 60 (Match 62) 2 p.m. ET

July 14 (Third-Place Match):
Loser of Match 61 vs. Loser of Match 62 (Match 63) 10 a.m. ET

July 15 (Championship):
Winner of Match 61 vs. Winner of Match 62 (Match 64) 11 a.m. ET

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