Sweden captain Andreas Granqvist has warned England that he and his teammates will not roll over when the two nations meet on Saturday afternoon. The World Cup quarter-final pits The Three Lions up against Blagult, and both sides are confident.

While a plucky Sweden outfit overcame Switzerland in the round of 16 with a hard fought 1-0 victory, it took England their first penalty shootout win in a World Cup to beat Colombia; a feat that could prove to be a huge boost in their hunt to win the tournament for the first time since 1966.


However, according to some, England are overconfident - and Sweden captain Grangvist hints that this underestimation of his side could be their downfall.

“I read something about that,” said the centre back, via Daily Star.

“Something about 99 times out of 100 they would beat us. Well, it’s fun for England to have that sort of confidence. Let’s play the game and see how things go.

“We know Sweden usually play well against England. We have had good results against them - so to me it doesn’t really matter.”

While Granqvist may have remained somewhat distanced from claiming Sweden will win outright, former international star Hakan Mild wasn't so withdrawn.

“They think they are so good but they are not. It’s spoilt young people who make a ton of money," he began.

“The English are easy to score against. You don’t get afraid when you see this team. It suits Sweden well. They do not have the total desperation required.

“England have just played a long, tough game with extra time and I also think they have a little bit of hubris.


“They think they are going to win and they will get an unpleasant surprise on Saturday.”