It's new kit season once again, and leaked images appear to show that Manchester United will be sporting a pink/salmon shirt as their new away kit next season.

Should this kit prove to be real, then it would be a stark break from tradition, with United rejecting their conventional blues, whites and blacks, in exchange for a salmon colour that they have never worn in the past.

The salmon shirt is likely to divide fans, with some liking its similarities to the popular pink Juventus shirt of 2015/16, made famous by the rapper Drake. Older fans, however, may see the new shirt as an unnecessary break from tradition.

Manchester United have already officially unveiled their 2018/19 third kit. The navy blue shirt with gold trim is both smart and simplistic, but also more in keeping with Man Utd's traditional colours for change strips.


The 2018/19 season will be Manchester United's fourth season with Adidas shirts. United have the most expensive shirt deal in the World, signing a £75m a year deal with the German manufacturer in 2015. The deal doesn't expire until the summer of 2025.