It's 2018 and yet France's Paul Pogba can't stop dabbing.

Les Bleus were invited to celebrate their World Cup victory at President Emmanuel Macron's residence at Élysée Palace on Monday. Pogba captured the squad's visit on video and asked the president if it was possible to do "un petit dab." The president seemed a little surprised by the request but followed along.

Dabbing is one of Pogba's favorite ways to celebrate after scoring a goal, and he sure has plenty to be happy about now.

Pogba and Macron were also seen dabbing in France's dressing room following their 4-2 victory over Croatia on Sunday. It marked France's first time winning the World Cup since Les Bleus won the championship on home soil in 1998.

Macron watched Sunday's match with Russian President Vladimir Putin and did not hide his emotions. He was seen pacing nervously at one point during the match and later jumped up out of his seat when he got excited over the action.

The French president went down to the field to greet Les Bleus in the rain after they won.