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July 28, 2018

Retired footballer David Bentley is a man known for his outlandish ways during his playing days. Never seeming the most professional type, you can imagine that he's got a few decent stories up his sleeve from over the course of his wouldn't be wrong.

Whether it's winning a £15,000 watch from his agent for kicking a ball into a skip, or going off to Northern Ireland and being a Gaelic footballer for a week - Bentley has done it all. He wasn't too bad at football, either.

Shaun Botterill/GettyImages

Speaking to FourFourTwo in his cocktail bar in Marbella, the former Premier League cult hero has spilled it all - even discussing the time he found a steamy number two in his wash bag whilst at Tottenham...

"I had my car stolen, but the worst was someone sh***ing in my wash bag when I was at Spurs," explains Bentley, opening up on the worst bit of banter he ever suffered.

"I think it was Jonathan Woodgate. I opened it up and there was a big turd inside. I found it funny. Every day, mad things would happen. Once, I walked out onto the training pitch in Ugg boots. Harry (Redknapp) took one look at me and said: “F**k off.”

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On the subject of Harry Redknapp, it was Bentley's love for pranks that broke his relationship with the managerial legend - admitting that the time he soaked his boss in water after qualifying for the Champions League is what was the final straw.

"He wasn’t happy; he thought I was being disrespectful. I did it because we all loved him so much.

"I had played a lot and been involved. I was dropped for the game, even though I had set up goals the week before – he picked Aaron Lennon ahead of me – so I could have had the hump with him but I didn’t. I was well happy. We’d done it. 

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"I was part of it, and because the whole dressing room liked him, I did him with the water. It got back to me that he wasn’t pleased, and that was disappointing because I really like him."

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