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July 31, 2018

In today's age of social media, it is easier than ever for clubs to assess their global reach and determine just how many fans they have in every corner of the planet.

Every club on this list has at least 30 million 'likes' on Facebook alone.

Here's a look at the 10 football clubs with the biggest social media followings in the world...

*only a club's primary Twitter account is included, rather than additional language accounts


Facebook Likes: 31.8m

Twitter Followers: 10.4m

Instagram Followers: 8m

Liverpool continue to be one of the most talked about clubs in the world, with every kind of news on the Reds devoured by an incredibly eager fan base that exists far beyond Merseyside. 

There were close to 10,000 retweets and 28,000 likes just for the announcement of new signing Xherdan Shaqiri's Liverpool squad number.


Facebook Likes: 33.8m

Twitter Followers: 6.17m

Instagram Followers: 12.7m

Already hugely popular, Juventus have seen a huge boost in their social media this month alone following the €100m capture of five-time Ballon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo.

No single image or video of Ronaldo that the club has posted on Instagram has failed to achieve at least 1m likes, with several hitting the 5m mark.

Manchester City

Facebook Likes: 35.1m

Twitter Followers: 6.27m

Instagram Followers: 7.3m

Manchester City have enjoyed incredible social media success in recent years and have an excellent reputation for the way the club presents itself across various platforms.

City's Facebook page covers everything from training pictures, to fun videos and rumour round ups as well as sharing information on the club's many community projects.

Paris Saint-Germain

Facebook Likes: 35.1m

Twitter Followers: 6.36m

Instagram Followers: 13.5m

Paris Saint-Germain saw a huge boost to their support following last summer's €222m world record capture of Neymar, tapping into an enormous new fan market.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cub's Twitter account has been dominated by celebrations of France's World Cup win in recent days, and particularly images of Kylian Mbappe.


Facebook Likes: 37.9m

Twitter Followers: 13.7m

Instagram Followers: 11.5m

Despite relative underachievement on the pitch for 14 years, Arsenal have always been a strong force on social media and can boast a massive and vocal fanbase around the world.

The Gunners have earned a reputation for quirky transfer announcements on Twitter and used the platform well to give new manager Unai Emery a strong welcome.

Bayern Munich

Facebook Likes: 47.4m

Twitter Followers: 4.44m

Instagram Followers: 13.2m

Bayern Munich have dominated in Germany both on and off the pitch for generations, while their reach as one of the world's most popular clubs extends around the world.

A lot of Bayern's social media content is humoured, with this recent Instagram video paying tribute to James Rodriguez's knee slide goal celebration a fine example.


Facebook Likes: 47.7m

Twitter Followers: 12m

Instagram Followers: 12m

Chelsea will celebrate 10 years of operating an official club account on Twitter during the 2018/19 season, tweeting the first of over 81,000 message to their fans in March 2009.

The arrival of new manager Maurizio Sarri has been huge news at Stamford Bridge this week and their Twitter coverage has been geared towards sharing it with supporters.

Manchester United

Facebook Likes: 73.5m

Twitter Followers: 18.2m

Instagram Followers: 22.5m

Manchester United's global reach has allowed the club to continue to compete with the world's elite, despite a drop off in their on-field success over the last few seasons.

No other Premier League club even comes close to matching United on social media, and that's despite the club initially being reluctant to even adopt things like an official Twitter profile.


Facebook Likes: 102m

Twitter Followers: 28.8m

Instagram Followers: 58m

Barcelona are one of only two football clubs in the world with over 100m likes on Facebook, it's way more than the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, who they often compete with on sports rich lists.

Such is their massive social media presence, the Catalans have more Instagram followers than Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City combined.

Real Madrid

Facebook Likes: 109.3m

Twitter Followers: 30.6m

Instagram Followers: 60.9m

With over 200m likes and follows across the major platforms, 13-time European champions Real Madrid are the single biggest football club in the world when it comes to social media.

Los Blancos can expect hundreds of retweets and likes as an absolute minimum every time they tweet anything, and the club also operates several other additional language Twitter accounts.

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