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August 10, 2018

Ahhhh, finally. After a summer of turmoil, where we've had to go a whole four weeks without some form of competitive football, the Premier League is back.

Christmas has come early and in the spirit of goodwill, we here at 90min have cobbled together our minuscule footballing brains to predict the outcome of what's sure to be another thrilling season of Premier League action.

Below is a selection of editors and writers opinions about who will finish where, accompanied by some exceptional insight and rationale into the selections made. 

Keep scrolling down for all the views - and watch out at the end for a big collated table of the average predictions at the end.

Position Scott Saunders Andrew Headspeath Chris Deeley
1 Manchester City
Manchester City Manchester City
2 Liverpool
Liverpool Liverpool
3 Chelsea Tottenham Manchester United
4 Manchester United
Manchester United Chelsea
5 Tottenham Arsenal Tottenham
6 Wolves Chelsea Arsenal
7 Arsenal
Leicester West Ham
8 West Ham
West Ham Burnley
9 Everton
Wolves Leicester
10 Leicester
Everton Wolves
11 Crystal Palace Fulham Everton
12 Fulham
Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
13 Burnley Brighton Bournemouth
14 Watford
Burnley Southampton
15 Southampton Southampton Fulham
16 Bournemouth
Bournemouth Watford
17 Brighton Watford Brighton
18 Cardiff
Newcastle Newcastle
19 Newcastle Huddersfield Huddersfield
20 Huddersfield
Cardiff Cardiff

What They Said

Scott: There's a real feel-good factor about Liverpool at the moment, and with the signings they've made they could well end up being the best of the rest. But Man City are going to have to fall way short of last season's standards if they're to be dragged into a title race. In all likelihood, that won't happen.

Everything points to Man Utd falling apart at the moment, but while most fancy Jose Mourinho to be out of a job by Christmas, I'll bank on him to stick it out and shoot off at season's end. They and Chelsea are my picks for top four, with Spurs' lack of squad depth being my reason for picking them to miss out.

Wolves 6th? Arsenal 7th? I've been saying since they were promoted that Wolves would finish above Stan Kroenke's lot, and while it was always said as a joke, I'm sticking with it for precisely this reason.

Cardiff have (probably) the worst squad in the league, but may sh*thouse their way from bottom spot with Neil Warnock, while Mike Ashley will likely take the Magpies down and Huddersfield remain short too.

Andy: While all the top six have patched in interesting players, Liverpool have (seemingly) done the most upgrading and should be the biggest mover in that mini league. However, Man City's whatever-the-next-step-up-from-embarrassment-of-riches-is is likely to see them become back-to-back champions.

Honestly, Man Utd, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal I could argue in any order. Big spending West Ham and Premier League newbies Wolves and Fulham could be fun to watch, but I'm backing Everton and last season's surprise story Burnley to underwhelm.

Cardiff look like the division's weakest team on paper, while Huddersfield may have already used up their one miracle. In 18th, I've grudgingly plumped for Newcastle ahead of Watford or Bournemouth because well... Mike Ashley.

Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages

Chris: You know those memes where the joke is ‘don’t know what’s happening in the PL table, but Cardiff are going to be bottom? '

Well, basically that. Just like last season, pretty much any team in my bottom half here could swap places and actually be fine/be in deep trouble and I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Except Cardiff. 

The top six? Yeah, it’s not exciting, but they’re the top six.

Position Jude Summerfield Jack Gallagher Toby Cudworth
1 Manchester City Manchester City Manchester City
2 Tottenham Chelsea Liverpool
3 Liverpool Manchester United Chelsea
4 Manchester United Tottenham Manchester United
5 Chelsea Liverpool Tottenham
6 Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal
7 West Ham Everton Everton
8 Everton West Ham West Ham
9 Leicester Crystal Palace Leicester
10 Crystal Palace Burnley Wolves
11 Burnley Wolves Crystal Palace
12 Fulham Fulham Burnley
13 Southampton Leicester Fulham
14 Wolves Watford Newcastle
15 Brighton Southampton Southampton
16 Bournemouth Brighton Brighton
17 Watford Newcastle Bournemouth
18 Newcastle Bournemouth Watford
19 Huddersfield Huddersfield Huddersfield
20 Cardiff Cardiff Cardiff

What They Said

Jude: My top five is a prediction I have very little faith in. It could finish in any order bar Manchester City at the top. The only reason I’ve plugged for Tottenham in second is because in Harry Kane you have a striker who banks you between 25 and 30 goals. Liverpool undeniably have an air of optimism and excitement about them but plenty of their summer signings are new to the Premier League and adapting straight away is not a guarantee. 

I’ve written off United and Chelsea, which I’ll definitely regret at the end of the season due to their ability to win games and trophies despite not playing particularly well. Their squads still look a little messy to me though.


I fear for Huddersfield. The lack of a regular goalscorer could prove their undoing, and the dreadful atmosphere surrounding Newcastle also looks ominous. Kudos to Cardiff in getting promoted but, unlike Wolves and Fulham, their team still looks like a Championship one.

Jack: Man City are the best team in England - by a distance - so they're going to win the league. With the signings of Kovacic and Jorginho, Chelsea could surprise some and finish above THE GREATEST TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND (Liverpool). And don't let Jose Mourinho fool you, Man Utd will be good this season.

As for the relegation battle, there's a number of teams bad enough to get relegated, but Cardiff, Huddersfield and Bournemouth are the pick of the horrific bunch.

Toby: First of all, let's just clear one thing up - Manchester City are winning the Premier League once more and there isn't a thing that anybody can do about it. Secondly, Chelsea will adapt to Maurizio Sarri's tactics quicker than people think, leading me to predict they will return to the top four at Spurs' expense.

Aston Villa v West Ham United - Pre-Season Friendly

Everton and West Ham should impress after a wonderful transfer window, and I expect Fulham and Wolves to do well not just because of their recruitment, but because of who they have in charge.

At the bottom, Huddersfield will fall foul of second season syndrome, and Cardiff will plummet straight back down. In the race for the final relegation spot, I sense a dreary Watford season to culminate in relegation.

Position Joe Owens Wilfred Dutton Will Imbo
1 Manchester City Manchester City Liverpool
2 Liverpool Liverpool Manchester City
3 Manchester United Manchester United Tottenham
4 Tottenham Chelsea Chelsea
5 Chelsea Tottenham Arsenal
6 Arsenal Arsenal Manchester United
7 West Ham Everton Everton
8 Everton West Ham West Ham
9 Leicester Wolves Fulham
10 Burnley Fulham Wolves
11 Crystal Palace Leicester Leicester
12 Fulham Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
13 Wolves Newcastle Burnley
14 Bournemouth Brighton Watford
15 Watford Burnley Bournemouth
16 Southampton Watford Newcastle
17 Newcastle Southampton Brighton
18 Huddersfield Bournemouth Southampton
19 Brighton Cardiff Huddersfield
20 Cardiff Huddersfield Cardiff

What They Said

Will: Liverpool's reinforcements, coupled with their taste of success after last season as well as there not having been a repeat champion in the league for ages, gives them an edge over City.

Liverpool v Torino - Pre-Season Friendly

Wilf: Man City are a given at this point, so it's not even worth the discussion. The top four reflects each of their current squads, and although Chelsea may struggle to adjust to Sarri initially, I could see them going on a Conte-esque streak once they're accustomed to his methods. 

As for the relegation contenders, Huddersfield just haven't strengthened enough, and it just feels like Bournemouth's year after an inactive summer.

Liverpool v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League

Joe: Same top six as last year; although Liverpool's summer business should see them come closest to Manchester City. West Ham to secure best of the rest with Fulham to better Wolves in mid-table. Cardiff to drop straight back down alongside Huddersfield and Brighton and, despite Rafa Benitez's challenges, Newcastle should survive - just.

Position Jamie Spencer Kavan Flavius Sean Drury
1 Manchester City Manchester City Manchester City
2 Tottenham Liverpool Liverpool
3 Liverpool Manchester United Chelsea
4 Manchester United Chelsea Manchester United
5 Chelsea Tottenham Tottenham
6 Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal
7 West Ham Everton Everton
8 Everton West Ham West Ham
9 Leicester Wolves Leicester
10 Crystal Palace Fulham Wolves
11 Burnley Leicester Crystal Palace
12 Fulham Crystal Palace Burnley
13 Southampton Newcastle Fulham
14 Wolves Brighton Newcastle
15 Brighton Burnley Southampton
16 Bournemouth Watford Brighton
17 Watford Southampton Bournemouth
18 Newcastle Bournemouth Watford
19 Huddersfield Cardiff Huddersfield
20 Cardiff Huddersfield Cardiff

What They Said

Jamie: Manchester City won't walk it quite like they did last season but ought to become the first champions to retain the Premier League title in a decade. I still don't buy into all the Liverpool hype, nor do I believe that Manchester United are in as bad a way as is being made out.

At the bottom end of the table, It will be a swift Championship return for Cardiff, with Huddersfield and Watford following them through the trap door.

Kavan: Man City look the best-equipped side to win the Premier League title this season, although it's notoriously difficult to defend. Liverpool are expected to give them a good run while United are likely to finish in third place. 

I had Chelsea to finish outside of the top four initially, but their late signings leave them looking a formidable squad again and, with Maurizio Sarri now in charge, they could make a statement.

Clive Mason/GettyImages

The newly promoted sides, bar Cardiff City, have very impressive squads and did some great business during the recently shut window. I see Cardiff returning to the Championship right away and I imagine Huddersfield and Watford will join them as I can't see them finishing higher than anyone else - apart fom the Bluebirds.

Sean: It’s hard to see anyone usurping Manchester City, who looked better than ever in the Community Shield. Of last season’s top four, only Liverpool have strengthened enough to close the gap on Pep Guardiola’s side, but they lack City’s remarkable consistency and are still a few signings short.

Disappointing transfer windows from Tottenham and Manchester United mean that they will struggle to challenge for the title, but with Chelsea coming into the season off the back of an uncertain summer and Arsenal in transition, the top four is likely to remain unchanged.

Dan Mullan/GettyImages

Like most people, I can't see Cardiff surviving, because they lack the quality of their opponents and Neil Warnock's track record in the Premier League is poor. Watford's constant chopping and changing in the dugout has created an unstable environment which must come back and bite them eventually. As for Huddersfield, it's hard to see the miracle repeating itself.

Position Club
1 Manchester City
2 Liverpool
3 Manchester United
4 Chelsea
5 Tottenham
6 Arsenal
7 West Ham
8 Everton
9 Leicester
10 Wolves
11 Crystal Palace
12 Fulham
13 Burnley
14 Southampton
15 Brighton
16 Watford
17 Bournemouth
18 Newcastle
19 Huddersfield
20 Cardiff

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