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Man Begged to Stay in Prison an Extra Week to Meet Francesco Totti in 2006

One rabid soccer fan asked to stay an extra week in prison to meet Roma icon Francesco Totti.

Some people will do anything for a selfie with their favorite athlete, including stay in prison.

Roma icon Francesco Totti told Italian TV channel Rai that that's exactly what one fan did just to snap a photo with him. Totti, who was promoting his new autobiography Un Capitano, shared the story of a man who willingly stayed inside the Rebibbia prison in Rome to meet the Giallorossi legend.

The encounter occurred on Totti's scheduled visit to the prison for a charity initiative after helping Italy win the World Cup in 2006. 

"There was this lad there that kept shouting, 'Me! Me! Me!' and wanted, at absolutely all costs, to take a photo with me," Totti said. "No one would let him through, but he started to push his way forward and try and get closer to me to take a photo. I did not really understand why he was so determined."

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It wasn't until later that someone told Totti the full story. The inmate was originally set to be released before Totti's arrival. Devastated, the fan wrote a letter to the prison warden with a simple request: Keep him locked up for another week, or he would "do something crazy to be sent back here."

"Even if I lived for another 100 years, I'll never again have a chance like this to have my photo taken alongside Totti," the inmate wrote in the letter.

Totti's autobiography was released on Thursday.