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'They Stole 50 Goals From My Son': Lopetegui's Father Hits Out at Real Madrid Over Ronaldo

Julen Lopetegui's father has come to his son's defense, blaming Real Madrid's current crisis on the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo rather than the coach's failings.
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Julen Lopetegui's father has come to his son's defense, blaming Real Madrid's current crisis on the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo rather than the coach's failings.

Madrid were humbled by Barcelona on Sunday, losing 5-1 to their La Liga rivals in the first Clásico of 2018/19. The damning result is thought to have sealed Lopetegui's fate.

The Spaniard, who only took on the role this summer after an infamous pre-World Cup exit as the Spain national team manager, is now believed to be on the verge of being replaced by former Chelsea boss Antonio Conte. 

However, his father Jose Antonio has claimed his son was sold short and has said that Real "stole 50 goals" from him by parting ways with Ronaldo.

“Cristiano Ronaldo was good,” Jose said in an interview with El Mundo. “Was he cocky? We all have defects, but it turns out he scored 50 goals a season. He is missing. You are missing a prominent goalscorer. They haven't brought one, not a single one.

“There was talk of Neymar and others, but no one came. They have stolen 50 goals from my son. He has to settle with what he has and don't get me wrong, he is delighted with the players he has.

“He usually says: ‘I have great people, they give everything they've got.’ He doesn't blame the players. But when there is no material, there isn't. There was but he left.”

The Portuguese attacker has scored seven goals and provided four assists in 10 Serie A appearances since his move from Madrid over the summer.

Los Blancos were always going to find life difficult without him yet it wasn't expected to be this bad. If Conte does take up the post soon, he will have difficulties himself, but will more than likely turn things around.