WATCH: Paul Pogba Posts Video Mocking His Own Strange Penalty Run-Up vs Everton

Paul Pogba is not above making fun of himself on social media.
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Manchester United star Paul Pogba can afford to joke about his weird penalty run-up, as he was fortunate enough to bury the rebound after his spot kick was saved by Jordan Pickford on in the Premier League clash with Everton on Sunday.

The Frenchman has faced lots of criticism (and memes) for his 10-second, 26-step run-up, a maneuver presumably no one wants to see again. But he's found a way to make light of the situation by posting a hilarious video on social media.

Pogba had a video taken of him making a similar run-up just to get to his car. And, judging from the responses, fans didn't seem that upset.

The United midfielder has hinted that he will make changes for future penalties, however, providing he's allowed to take them.

"I always try to destabilize the goalkeeper. I always shoot like this and that's how I know how to take penalties," he told Sky Sports after the win over Everton on the weekend.

"I may practise to change it because maybe the goalkeepers are starting to know my steps, but the most important thing is when the ball goes in."