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Mauricio Pochettino has challenged Tottenham Hotspur fans to create an atmosphere at their new stadium which is similar to that of Anfield.

Tottenham are hoping to move into their new 62,000-seater stadium in early 2019, following months of problems and safety concerns. They will be hoping to play a large part of their Premier League games in the stadium, as they seek to compete with the likes of Liverpool for the league title.

Speaking ahead of Tottenham's meeting with Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday, Pochettino admitted that he is always impressed with the atmosphere at Anfield. He is quoted by the Liverpool Echo as saying: "You can feel, like yesterday when I saw the highlights from Anfield, that the fans are desperate to win and they're showing their support to the team.

"Yesterday Anfield was amazing. Every game Liverpool play at Anfield is a party and that sometimes makes the difference."

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Pochettino was then asked whether the Anfield atmosphere gave the Reds an advantage over Tottenham, given that they are unable to fill Wembley Stadium as a result of safety regulations. He admitted: "Many fans that have come in this period have visited London and, like a theatre, they say, 'Oh it's a game at Wembley, I'm going to buy a ticket.'

"It's normal, but our fans feel and they try to increase the atmosphere -- but we have a limit too. In a 90,000 stadium we have a limit of no more than 51,000 and yesterday we had 45,000. That in our stadium means it's very warm, the atmosphere, but in Wembley it's impossible.


"That's why when I'm asked, 'Do you want to move [during the season]?' I've said, 'Of course, as soon as possible,' because it's going to be a massive boost for the team and for our fans.

"It's going to be a place where the fans can help the team to achieve what we want. That's why there's no doubt. I'm so happy at Wembley but tomorrow, if the new stadium is ready, we're going to move there and make our new house home."