Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has explained why some Manchester United fans would rather see historic rivals Liverpool lift the Premier League trophy in May over their neighbours Manchester City.

Liverpool currently sit top of the Premier League ahead of Manchester City, which presents a nightmare scenario for fans of the Red Devils, as one of their main rivals is highly likely to become league champions.


Neville however gave a theory on the Gary Neville Podcast as to why a section of the Manchester United faithful will be hoping that Liverpool can win their first league title since 1990.

Neville said, as quoted by The Express: “It is going to be Liverpool or City, they are well in front.

”This is an interesting theory - do you want City to win back-to-back titles and begin a period of domination, which back-to-back titles can feel like?


"Or do you want Liverpool to win the title? A couple of friends of mine said a few weeks ago that they wanted Liverpool to win it and it was the first time I had heard a United fan say they wanted Liverpool to win it over City because they felt it would be a one-off.

"Whereas they felt if City won back-to-back titles, they could go on and win three or four."

Neville did however concede that he is unsure as to whether Liverpool will capitalise on their current advantage over Manchester City, adding: "I do not know who is going to win it this season.”

The former England international did disclose however that he has discussed Liverpool's title credentials with his Sky Sports colleague and former Liverpool captain Jamie Carragher.


Neville said: "I said City publicly at the start of the season and I have said City always on Monday Night Football when I have been asked.

"But privately in the green room with Jamie Carragher I have been saying, 'Your lot can win this, they are capable of winning it, they look like a team that can do it.'"