We are constantly told that the last three months of the Premier League season are the most important. March, April and May: It's when the title is won and lost and relegation is survived or sustained. So, to be fair, it makes sense. 

But, if this is true, then who are the most important goalscorers from the last 10 years? Which players have propped their clubs up the most in those crucial final games since the start of the 2008/09 season? 

Glad you asked. Here they are. 

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Jermain Defoe - 26


Whether it was smashing goals in for Tottenham Hotspur in the race for European football, or saving Sunderland from relegation, Jermain Defoe was well versed in the importance of the final months in a Premier League season. 

He almost seemed to conserve energy for it, especially in his days with the Black Cats. And, if we're talking about iconic end of season goals, it's hard to look past that scorching volley against Newcastle in April 2015, the momentousness of which seemed to almost singlehandedly keep the team up that term.

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Romelu Lukaku - 27


A charge often levelled at Romelu Lukaku is that he doesn't score important goals. And, though this is largely to do with his stereotypical struggles against top sides, here we surely have his best defence against such an allegation. 

Because, regardless of opposition, the business end of the season ratchets up the importance of every single game. And the Belgian has clearly scored more than enough times on these occasions in his time at West Brom, Everton and Manchester United. Have some of that.

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Fernando Torres - 27


Despite these 27 clutch goals, Fernando Torres never won a Premier League trophy in his eight years in England. Indeed, he didn't win anything at all in his pomp at Liverpool, when he collected 81 goals and 20 assists in 142 appearances, including 65 league goals in 102 games. 

His return at Chelsea wasn't quite as imposing, but it was there that he had his best club moment. Sure, it wasn't in the league, and so isn't entirely relevant, but how could you bring up Torres and clutch and not mention THAT goal against Barcelona at the Nou Camp. It was in April, after all.

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Steven Gerrard - 27


Yes, that's right, the current Rangers manager was quite the footballer once. Back in the day, he would regularly crash, bang and wallop balls into the net from distances great and small; but mostly great. 

All in all, he managed 120 scores in 504 league appearances, meaning almost a quarter of all his scores came in the final three months of his last six Premier League seasons. That's not bad, is it?

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Robin van Persie - 29


Robin van Persie had a slightly worse than one-in-two goalscoring record in the Premier League at Arsenal (one in 2.02 games, to be precise) and a slightly better such ratio at Manchester United (one in 1.79).

Those stats are merely to say that the Dutchman was a wonderfully efficient player. Wonderfully efficient. 

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Frank Lampard - 31


Speaking of proficient goalscorers, there's never been a better one from midfield in the Premier League's illustrious history. 

177 was the number Frank Lampard eventually settled on, after varyingly long spells at West Ham United, Chelsea and Manchester City. Of those 31 scored in spring, though, it is the two against Bolton in 2005 that stick out. Iconic.

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Christian Benteke - 32


Crystal Palace fans might well be producing homemade versions of the shocked face emoji - because, you know, that's what shocked people look like - but, yes, it's Christian Benteke. 

But you forget, Palace, and Liverpool fans to a certain extent, that back at Aston Villa the Belgian was a goal machine. And not just insignificant goals, either, as you can see. The best example of this? Well, how about that hat-trick in the pulsating 3-3 clash against QPR back in April 2015, the final goal being an inch-perfect 83rd minute free kick. There's a reason you spent a collective £64m on him, guys.

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Harry Kane - 37


Harry Kane may have been - at least until recently - struck down with a curse relating to scoring goals in August, but that's little league sh*t. August. HAH! 

Please. Give me 37 goals in March, April and May over any single score in August, any day of the week. August. How pathetic. 

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Sergio Agüero - 40


Sergio Aguero is slowly but surely creeping up the all-time Premier League goalscorers list. With 161 goals, he is in eighth place, one score behind the aforementioned Jermain Defoe and two behind former Manchester City man Robbie Fowler.

Still just 30 years old, the Argentine is frankly making light work of this Best League in the World™: with 0.70 goals a game, he has the best ratio of any player in history to score more than 100 goals. That's exceptional. For the record, Kane is lurking just behind him on 0.69.

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Wayne Rooney - 41


That's right, at number one it's England's finest. Sir (wait, not yet?!?!?!) Wayne Rooney. The Right Honourable Wazza. It's no surprise to see the league's second greatest ever scorer atop these rankings, is it.

Especially when you consider the amount of times he stepped up for Manchester United in their time of need. But it was a goal in this period that didn't actually catapult the Red Devils to ultimate glory that Rooney will be most remembered for. Yes, it's that ridiculous volley against Newcastle in April 2005. Still gives you goosebumps, trust me.