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March 09, 2019

Liverpool's American ownership were among those who urged the Premier League to investigate title rivals Manchester City over alleged financial cheating.

The Premier League have recently joined UEFA in probing the Citizens following the emergence of leaked evidence which suggests that the club may have breached Financial Fair Play.

A statement was released which explained the Premier League's request to City for information on the matter and, according to the Daily Mail, the body came under pressure from the American owners of Liverpool among others to act on the situation.

The US-based owners of Crystal Palace are also said to have been central to the calls for a probe, with American sports typically accustomed to strict financial guidelines and conduct.

Liverpool and Palace are among others in the league such as Manchester UnitedArsenalFulham and Bournemouth under American ownership - all of whom also hold stakes in US sports franchises across the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB.

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Financial regulations such as salary caps were first introduced in the NBA in 1984, and US owners in the Premier League have subsequently come to expect similar measures to be taken in the English top flight, with any breaking of the rules to be punished.

Two of Palace's joint-owners, Josh Harris and David Blitzer, are said to have been among those chiefly involved in calling for the Premier League to act on City's alleged breach of regulations. The American duo also own the New Jersey Devils in the NHL and NBA franchise Philadelphia 76ers.

City have held a firm stance on the allegations so far, claiming that documents leaked by German outlet Der Spiegel had been hacked and were misinterpreted, whilst insisting that they welcomed the resulting probe from UEFA.

Meanwhile, the FA are also investigating City's signing of Jadon Sancho from Watford at the age of 14 amid suggestions that the club paid the winger's agent a fee at the time, whilst FIFA are also probing the club over a potential breach of third-party ownership rules.

On the pitch, City will look to continue their charge to retain the Premier League title as Pep Guardiola's side host Watford on Saturday, having regained the ascendancy over Liverpool in the title race last weekend.

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