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Tottenham Hotspur winger Son Heung-min has proclaimed his desire to help the club go to the next level and win trophies once they complete their move to their new stadium.

After facing Liverpool on Sunday, Mauricio Pochettino's side will complete their long-awaited move to the new stadium to face Crystal Palace on Wednesday.


Speaking to The GuardianSon stated that he believes the club have what it takes to win regular silverware, and revealed his desire of being able to bring success to such a top side.

He said: “We have the best training ground in the world, we have the best stadium in the world and everything is ready to compare to anything. The answer is now with the players, how they perform. 

"It’s very important the players are serious and take the chance. I am looking to the future and winning something with this new stadium and with this unbelievable club.

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“Now we have to keep together and, after these three weeks, I hope we can be fresh and positive and energetic on the pitch. We want to be in the top four and we want to play Champions League with this amazing stadium. I’m confident with my team. We can do it. We just need to believe in ourselves.”

The South Korean also discussed the imminent move to the new stadium, revealing that he misses White Hart Lane, but is looking forward to having a new permanent home.

He added: “I feel a bit different because I still remember White Hart Lane – when you come in, you’re still thinking about it. When I was young, I watched White Hart Lane. It’s in my head. They’ve changed the building and so for me, crazy things. The Tottenham of White Hart Lane was a special thing but now we have to make history with the new stadium.

“Of course, I miss White Hart Lane but the new stadium is amazing – the pitch, the view, the stands; it’s just unbelievable. Finally we are coming back home and it’s great to be here again with the fans. They were tired, as well, with Wembley. 

"Of course, Wembley is a very nice stadium but it’s not actually our home. I think the fans are very happy, like us. The most important thing now is our performances in the new stadium.”