AS Roma have released a video of a fan embarrassing himself for the world to see at Stadio Olimpico, after he told the club he could score for them via social media. 

Roma fan Marco responded to a compilation video the club posted of winger Cengiz Under's goals, informing them that the Turkish international's goal against Parma was so easy that 'even he could score it.'

Filming the entire debacle for Roma's fantastic Twitter account, Hyundai, the club's sponsor, decided to call his bluff, and invited him to the stadium before the club's defeat to Napoli to see if he could do just that. 

The hilarious clip shows Marco's journey to the stadium, where he gets changed into a full Roma strip, but lets the opportunity slip...literally. 

His first effort sees him keep his eye so intently on the ball that he loses his bearings, and goes down before the incoming cross gets anywhere near him. 

Clearly rattled after the crushing blow to his ego, Marco shanks his second effort wide of the near post, before his third attempt goes across the goalkeeper and trundles wide - despite the camera's best efforts to portray it as a decent attempt. 

The video, of course, is all in good humour. He's asked after the match if he will write anything like that again, and after sharing a laugh with the stadium announcer, he assures them it would be his last offence.

The lesson here, then, is don't give your club cheek on Facebook, or you might end up Twitter famous and with VIP seats to a crucial home game.