Jurgen Klopp has opened up on his connection to Liverpool in both a political and emotional sense since taking charge of the side in 2015.

The German coach is a much-loved figure, not just among Reds supporters, for his engaging and heart-on-the-sleeve approach to the game, and revealed he and the club are intertwined in more than just a contractual sense.

Speaking in a lengthy interview with The Independent ahead of his side's Champions League showdown with Tottenham on Saturday, the 51-year-old spoke in depth about his own morals and values, as well as the bond he shares with the club he took to within a whisker of winning the Premier League title with this season. 

One such example of the close-knit relationship he shares with Liverpool is the equal love both he and the city have for the sport, and their shared desire for trophies..

"What I knew was the importance of football in the city," he said.


"That was something I fancied. The size of the club. The chances that I saw there. The potential. That’s what I liked. [..] we have, as we know, only one life. So make the best of it. Not only silverware. That’s obviously the main target. But between the start and the silverware, there must be a lot of good moments together. And we’ve had them."

The ongoing political situation in the United Kingdom is one that has reverberated among the entirety of Europe. Conversations about Brexit have been taking place across the continent, with Klopp claiming his personal views coincide with those of the city of Liverpool, something he was unaware of.

"I had no clue about the political situation in Liverpool. I don’t think you really think about that when you sign for a club in Europe," he added. "You come to another democratic country - fine. Around the Brexit vote, I heard then that Liverpool had a similar opinion to mine."