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July 15, 2019

Manchester City have unveiled a striking new third kit for the 2019/20 campaign, with supporters making their feelings on the yellow-peach abomination known in no uncertain terms.

Puma are once again the manufacturers having taken over from Nike over the off-season, producing a design that graduates from bright pink at the bottom of the jersey to a sickly yellow at the top. The ungodly colour combination is allegedly inspired by the on-field brilliance of the team, but this seems more like an insult to Sergio Aguero and co.

The shirt features a black collar, with both the Etihad Airways and Puma logos in the same shade. The sleeves of the shirt and the socks share the bold yellow tint of the upper body, though the shorts match the peach bottom of the jersey.

The badge hasn't been tampered with, thank goodness, and as is the case in their more traditional sky blue and white, features a tribute to the club's history below. '125 Years' is written underneath the emblem, as the Citizens celebrate a notable birthday.

Image by Will Imbo

The team's official Twitter account described the new kit as 'Absolute Flames', before a later post from the Premier League champions labelled it 'Vibrant, Disruptive and Daring'. Well, their reputation certainly has gone up in flames and this strip is no doubt disrupting my peace and quiet. 

Let's just say fans are not best pleased with this atrocity. One individual was quick to point out the resemblance to a particularly vivid brand of sweets, whilst another thought it was more in line with some rather unappetising yogurt...

A few summed up their feelings with a meme or a gif...

Whilst others were very straightforward with their response...

It would be amazing if the Citizens can convince even one person to pay the €90 asking price. You'd probably have to pay someone double that just to be seen in this... kit?

PUMA has unveiled Manchester City's 2019/20 third kit as part of the club's pre-season tour of Asia. Get yours now at, and in stores around the world! @pumafootball

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