Frank Lampard has insisted that he doesn't want Chelsea supporters to continue a chant which contains offensive language directed towards the travelling community, after it was heard during the Blues' 4-3 win over Reading.

Chelsea supporters recited the chant celebrating Lampard's time as a player at the club, which also contains a description of West Ham fans as 'Pikeys'. 

Speaking about the chant, Lampard - who joined Chelsea from West Ham in 2001 - told the club website: "I didn’t hear the song in question and of course, if there’s a song in the modern day or any day that has offensive words, I don’t want to hear that.

"That’s me saying that as a big Chelsea man who really appreciates the support. We don’t want songs with offensive words. If the fans could sing other songs, then I’ll back that. 


"The club are very clear with the work we do off the pitch about anything that’s offensive or prejudiced and we’ve made a big mark on that in modern years.”

As for the game itself, Chelsea came out as narrow winners, despite some worrying passages of play in the defensive third.

With the first game of the season against Manchester United on the horizon, Lampard insisted that there are still plenty of decisions still to be made regarding the first team squad.

"I wouldn’t say I’ve made decisions yet in terms of selection for those early games or what the squad looks like because that’s a line and I don’t want to draw that line just yet.

"There’s not a player who hasn’t pushed themselves and shown me everything but these are decisions I have to make. They’re not absolutely clear decisions but I’ll make them in due course."