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August 27, 2019

New Balance has revealed the brand-new limited edition ‘Infinite Dark Pack’ for the Tekela v2 boots and Furon v5, an all-black colourway drawing inspiration from the galaxy’s black holes.

The gravitational pull from a black hole is so great that even light cannot escape. Black holes relentlessly dominate everything around them, the perfect symbol for the visionary players who wear Tekela boots (below), and the lighting Furon players.

Tekela v2

Helping players set the tempo, the Tekela uses a single piece throat and collar alongside fully bonded no-seam technology for superior mid-foot lock-in and the ultimate feel on the ball.

Forefront lockdown and aggressive cutting stability comes from a refined and re-programmed K-stitch dynamic embroidered bands, while there is an anti-slip insert for superior grip and an all-new 3D engineered outsole for lightweight performance and ultimate traction.

Image by Jamie Spencer
Image by Jamie Spencer

Furon v5

The Furon gives its wearer effortless speed, with a re-designed Fantom Fit full-foot skeleton for targeted lockdown and unrivalled acceleration.

Stud placement is also drive by data for an ultra-aggressive take-off. A bonded mesh upper and integrated low profile track collar delivers ultimate responses and locked in feel, helping with explosive acceleration.

Image by Jamie Spencer

Image by Jamie Spencer

The limited edition boots go on-sale on Thursday 29th August 2019 at 09.00 (BST). The boots will be available worldwide from selected retailers and online at (US) and (UK).

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