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September 25, 2019

Mohamed Salah has provided a cryptic response to yet another spat between himself and the Egyptian FA following their failure to register two votes at the FIFA Best Awards on Monday.

Both captain Ahmed Elmohamady and coach Shawky Ghareeb claimed they nominated Salah for the award, which he ultimately came fourth in behind winner Lionel Messi, teammate Virgil van Dijk and Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo.

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However, as relayed by the Irish Independent, the release of FIFA's full list of votes revealed that neither of their votes had counted, apparently owing to an administrative error at the nation's federation. 

Indeed, the only Egyptian vote that ended up counting was journalist Hany Danial's, and he put both Sadio Mane and Ronaldo ahead of the Pharaohs' number 10. 

In response to these developments, Salah posted the below tweet of an illustration of himself (in which he is weirdly aged?) with the people of Egypt superimposed onto his shirt and the flag behind him. 

This came alongside the fairly cryptic caption: "No matter how they try to change my love for you and your people, they will not."

Whether this was aimed at the federation, which Salah has feuded with numerous times, or the people claiming such a feud was occurring, remains to be seen.

During the 2018 World Cup, a number of reports claimed that the Liverpool forward was set to retire from international duty after being displeased with the use of his face on the side of the team's aeroplane, seemingly an infraction of his image rights.

However, a statement from the FA at the time claimed: "We were always informed by Salah when he takes any decisions.

"We spend the whole day together and he has never discussed this issue with any of the delegation's members. We are here in a sports event and we are following FIFA procedures, we don't discuss politics, and if there is any political discussion, it should be directed to FIFA."

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