2010 World Cup Ten Years Later: Argentina Fails With Messi And Maradona

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Looking back at the 2010 World Cup a decade later, this time through the lens of Argentina's disappointing performance in yet another international tournament. It was the first World Cup of Lionel Messi, arguably one of the games greatest players ever, teamed up with legendary Argentinian Diego Maradona, and the team couldn't couldn't make it out of the Quarterfinals.

When it comes to the Diego Madrona and Lionel Messi debate and arguing on who is the greatest, there is no shortage of opinion. Generally, it ultimately comes down to personal taste. But if you ask the majority of Argentinians, the conversation usually ends with a vital factor. The World Cup. Maradona, who won the tournament in 1986 and gave us what is possibly the greatest individual performance in the tournament's history, still holds the candle to so many as Messi still searches for his first. Regardless, whoever you go with, it's always important to remember that the World Cup in 2010 was the event where both came together. Maradona as manager and Messi as the team's bonafide star. It was a perfectly imperfect scenario where La Albiceleste failed once again with talented individuals, made it to the quarterfinals with little rhythm, and Maradona, the manager, finding himself out of his depth against an organized German side who took advantage of his gung ho management. And as the years go on and Argentina still searches for a major title since 1993 and reflects on what was 1986, the nation knows too well that Messi's expiry time is also sadly approaching.

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