KBO Baseball Is Generating Buzz in the World of International Sports

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Sports fans were eager to have baseball back on TV, even if it's not the players we know and love.

Korean baseball opening day was yesterday and it didn't go as smooth as we all hoped for, but that seems to be the theme with 2020 sports.

 As we all geared up for some action to happen, the rain decided to show up. So at 1 am on ESPN we have a rain delay, during a global pandemic as we all just tried to watch a little baseball.

It was just a brief delay though, and the Lions and Dinos were eventually able to get underway.

The problems didn't end there.. The Kia Tigers and Kiwoom Heroes had even worse luck with their game. A delay not caused by rain but they sure could have used it. Unfortunately, a building across the street from the stadium caught fire and blanketed the field in thick, black smoke.

When the smoke settled the game continued and we were entertained with bat flips, cheerleaders and even a card board cut out audience. 

Fans even noted how they loved that the cheerleaders still gave it their all even with masks on and no audience, calling the KBO cheerleaders "true professionals"

It's not the baseball we're used to- but hey we'll take it.

ESPN has reached a deal with the KBO to air games live six times per week

Major League Baseball was set to open on March 26th but has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.