Brawling U.S. Open fans banned for two years

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U.S. Open fight

A physical altercation between fans in the upper deck at the U.S. Open on Thursday night has become a television and Internet sensation. (AP)

Footage of the upper-deck brawl during Thursday night's match between Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner has become a crossover viral hit, with the most popular clip having logged more than one million hits on YouTube in less than 36 hours.

And while the three principals involved escaped criminal prosecution for the dust-up, they won't be coming back to the U.S. Open anytime soon. The New York Post reports Joseph Pedeville, Tracey Falco and Lawrence Burnett have been banned from the grounds for two years as a result of Thursday's altercation.

The Post described Pedeville, 27, as a "hardcore gambler" who became enraged when told to shut up by Falco and Burnett. "I don't give a f--k what anyone wants! I got a lot of money on the game!" Pedeville said.

The fans were taken to a police station in Queens, where they were given trespass warnings. Neither side pressed charges in the row.

US Open's brawlers banned for two years

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