Video: The Decemberists take tennis nuclear

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If you are one of those literary hard-cores who spent the time and energy to absorb David Foster Wallace's 1996 post-modern dystopian epic, "Infinite Jest," then you probably recall DFW's tennis-based game, Eschaton. It was a lot like J.K. Rowling's Quidditch, but with 1000 percent less brooms, wizards, and snitches and slightly more nuclear warfare. Which is of course to say that the only connection between Eschaton and Quidditch is that they're fictional games and they sound cool.

So leave it to the DFW-obsessed Michael Schur, co-creator of NBC's beloved Parks and Recreation, to join forces with Colin Meloy, the hyper-literate frontman for indie-darlings The Decemberists, and direct a DFW-inspired video for "Calamity Song".  It's fantastic.