Wozniacki, McIlroy and another public kiss

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Rory McIlroy confirmed his new romance with Caroline Wozniacki on Thursday. (Photo: @newhavenopen Twitter)

Rory McIlroy confirmed his new romance with Caroline Wozniacki on Friday. (Photo: @newhavenopen Twitter)

Caroline Wozniacki put the finishing touches Friday night on the not-so-slow rollout of her relationship with U.S. Open golf champion Rory McIlroy, planting a wet one on her boy after her semifinal match at the New Haven Open as the Yale football team looked on. An odd situation to be making out with your boyfriend, but hey, it's college!

When rumors started swirling in June that Wozniacki and McIlroy were spending their free time together, the speculation was thoroughly entertaining. The tennis Twitterverse lit up with jokes ("That's as close as she'll ever get winning a major") and it all culminated in Mardy Fish's jumping in to try to suss out the truth and take a few playful cracks at the couple.

But now that the romance has been confirmed, I find myself bored by the pairing and I can't be the only one. If celebrity couples are going to exist (and believe me, I'm perfectly fine if they don't), then gosh darn it, I demand to be entertained. Instead, we get two perfectly nice, non-scandalous athletes who are very good at the sports they play, acting exactly like a young couple would act. Where's the fun in that? Where are the grainy, drunken nightclub BlackBerry pictures? Where's the surly "get that camera out of my face" TMZ footage?